This page allows you to publish a public key on your gravatar, which lets other people send you bitcoins or encrypt secret messages for you given only your email address or the url to your gravatar.

Enter your email address and passphrase:


The passphrase you entered could not decrypt the saved data. You have probably previously saved data for this email address with a different passphrase. You can delete the currently saved data to start again or type in the old passphrase.

Your passphrase will either be used to generate your keys or will be used to keep them secret when they're stored in your browser. It will not be sent to any server. If you use a brain wallet, you can enter the same passphrase here.

You can read more about it on my blog here. Things that this page does:

  1. Generates a public/private key pair from your passphrase of the same sort used by bitcoin (which means this is also generating a bitcoin address you can receive money on, although you'll have to export the private key from this to another program/service to actually spend any bitcoins you receive).
  2. If you don't want a key based on your passphrase, or already have one (e.g. from a bitcoin address elsewhere) you can import that key instead, or even choose a random one.
  3. Loads your gravatar and writes your public key into it, then lets you upload it back to gravatar. This is the only stage where information (other than page and image requests) is sent to a server, and you can skip it and do it manually if you prefer.
  4. Lets you look up someone elses gravatar, and if it has a public key in it, shows the corresponding bitcoin address and lets you encrypt a message for them.
  5. Lets you decrypt a message from a particular individual if they have a public key in their gravatar.
  6. When encrypting, creates a link that you can send to the other person so they can easily see your message.

Disclaimer: Think of this as a proof of concept hoped to spark conversation about how to make cryptography more accessible to the general public. If you have serious needs, this is not for you.

We were unable to load your gravatar image. Perhaps you haven't set one up yet. Go to the gravatar site to create an account and upload an image.

Your gravatar does not contain the correct details required for people to send you bitcoins or secret messages.

Click 'Upload to Gravatar' to put the current details into your gravatar (overwriting any details that are currently there).

If you want to associate a bitcoin address that you already have with your gravatar, click 'Import Key' first, and paste in your Private Key in Wallet Import Format (it will start with a 5).

If you want to use a different bitcoin address and key to what is currently displayed, you can also click to generate a random key.

Once you are happy with your key and address, you should click the Upload button, but you should also make a copy of your private key. Otherwise, if you overwrite it by accident there is no way to retrieve it.

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Public Key in Gravatar:

Public Key:

Bitcoin Address:

Private Key:

-- click to show private key --
Attempting to load gravatar data...
Couldn't find a gravatar for this person. Please ask them to visit to get one.
Couldn't read any data from the users gravatar. Please ask them to visit this page to generate and save their public key.
Here is a link that the other party can visit to see your message: link for other party. It will only work for them.